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Low-voltage switchgear VEDA

Our low-voltage switchgear VEDA can be implemented in fixed or withdrawable configurations and can easily be adapted to several specific applications and industries operating at land and sea. Quick installations and fast serviceability allow for minimised downtime. Both the design and manufac­turing of VEDA follow the principles of ISO 14001 to optimise the use of material from our local main suppliers and to reduce the carbon footprint.

VEDA is available in four main adaptations:

VEDA MCC – with its nominal current capacity of up to 5000 A, the VEDA MCC is fully compatible with the requirements set by the heavy industry.

VEDA Drives is optimised to fit both new instalments as well as retrofits of old equipment. 

VEDA Marine is based on marine-approved components to meet the requirements for marine and offshore applications.

VEDA Hybrid combines traditional combustion engine technology with the benefits of energy storage.

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We are continuously developing our products to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the industry. The latest performance improvement to the switchgear VEDA was to increase its arc fault withstand value from 50kA to 80kA.

For full technical specifications, download the VEDA brochure.


The VEDA low-voltage switchgear is designed for maximum reliability, safety, serviceability and usability.

VEO Janne Saarenpää

Janne Saarenpää

Product Manager
Veo Veda