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Savon Voima Verkko

Power company Savon Voima Verkko in Iisalmi, Finland is carrying out one of the largest power grid renewals in the company’s history.

The renewal will considerably enhance power supply security in the Iisalmi area, while also lending an opportunity to update old power station equipment with modern technology. In terms of its geographical reach, Savon Voima Verkko is one of Finland’s largest power companies.

As part of the renewal, VEO delivers two new power stations, while also modernising the existing Peltomäki power station. All three power stations are different from one another and require special expertise. The projects are turnkey deliveries, starting from the excavation work to the delivery of security, control and automation equipment.

The Paloisvirta power station will be built in the centre of Iisalmi. The 110-kV switching substation is constructed with gas-insulated GIS-machinery, which makes it possible to place the switchgear indoors. The indoor switchgear saves up space and blends well with the Iisalmi townscape. The Pitkälahti power station is manufactured with VEO’s modular substation solution. Most of the delivery is prepared in VEO’s factory, saving assembly and testing time on site and speeding up the building process. In addition to these two substations, VEO is in charge of modernising the old Peltomäki power station. This power station is to be entirely renewed and its equipment will be expanded to meet new distribution needs. The modernisation requires work close to live wire, which makes personal safety extremely important. It is also important to make sure that there will not be any unforeseen breaks in the power distribution. The Peltomäki power station will also be constructed with VEO’s modular solution. All three sites are to contain VEO’s own VEKE equipment for medium voltage.

”We wanted to partner with a knowledgeable expert, and VEO has certainly assured us with their operations.”

Savon Voima Verkko was one of VEO’s first customers. For this reason, we are proud to continuously be able to show off our project skills and prove that we are worthy of their trust. “This is one of the largest projects in the history of our power company. We wanted to partner with a knowledgeable expert, and VEO has certainly assured us with their operations”, says Jussi Antikainen, Planning Manager at Savon Voima Verkko.

VEO part of historical project by Savon Voima Verkko.