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VEO’s UK-based TEHDAS produces Finnish technology with a British twist

After having moved its production to a new facility in an extraordinarily short time, UK-based I.C. Electrical (ICE), which has been part of VEO since 2017, now manufactures low-voltage VEDA switchgear – to the delight of local clients and in spite of Brexit fears. 

The decision to start producing VEDA switchgear in the UK was made in February 2019, and only two months later, ICE’s production facility TEHDAS was up and running. Local clients appreciate the flexibility of the VEDA solution and are very impressed by the facility that now houses both production and offices to enhance the workflow.

“By having the VEDA production locally, we can attend to the needs of our British clients directly instead of having to adapt equipment delivered from Finland. Especially the numbering conventions on the wiring is different in the UK. Getting these and other local requirements correct from the start allows for better cost efficiency. We also have more space compared to our old factory, including lines for mechanical erection and final assembly as well as a dedicated space for demanding factory acceptance tests (FATs). This means we have excellent conditions to be both quick, flexible and affordable,” explains ICE Managing Director Tim McNeilly.

Even though the new factory has only been up and running a few months, ICE has already seen an increase in enquiries. “Clients want to purchase everything from panels to installation under one roof, and this is something we can now offer them. We are much better positioned to pursue the larger EPC projects within, for example, the Waste to Energy (WtE) sector, which is completely in line with our strategy,” states McNeilly. In addition to the WtE sector, ICE also serves clients in other renewable energy sectors, as well as in the process industry.

A majority of ICE’s clients are based in the UK, whereas approximately 30 per cent are located abroad. In combination with the fact that most components needed for the production are imported, this causes a slight concern as no one knows what the tariffs will look like after 31 October. “We have learned to live with the fact that everything concerning Brexit is uncertain, making the local market increasingly important. However, we have a strong belief that the whole VEO Group is well-positioned should Brexit be implemented. With one foot in both markets, we can lean on each other,” concludes McNeilly.

For more information, please contact:

Tim McNeilly, +44 (0) 7583 648666

The recently opened production facility TEHDAS provides ICE excellent conditions to be both quick, flexible and affordable.