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Meet Jarkko Aro, Head of VEO’s Marketing and Business Development

VEO’s new Head of Marketing and Business Development, Jarkko Aro, is confident that VEO is on the right track with its reliable energy solutions supporting the critical transition to carbon neutrality. His mission will be to keep adjusting VEO’s business according to the renewed strategy, and one action point is already clear – the company needs to attract new experts to meet the set targets and rapidly growing demand.

“Our technology and know-how are extensive and cover the whole energy value chain, from power generation through transmission and distribution to utilisation. This means we have the technological prerequisites to reach our goal – which is to speed up the energy transition by integrating our clients’ renewable energy projects. The demand for our reliable energy solutions is considerable in the Nordics, which is VEO’s main market, so the outlook is very promising. However, we will need more colleagues to help us fill the larger shoes we are planning to step into”, Jarkko Aro explains.

With more than 20 years of experience in various cross-divisional positions at VEO Group, Aro enters his new role with a true helicopter perspective. Having held positions such as Vice President for the Industry business unit, Managing Director of the switchgear factory, R&D Manager, Sales Manager and Project Manager, Aro knows VEO’s operations like the back of his hand. And after several years in the UK Midlands leading the integration of VEO’s UK-based branch I.C. Electrical, he is well suited to navigate VEO’s business towards new heights on the international market.

“I feel privileged having an employer which has given me the opportunity to develop in several different, and at times very challenging, positions. With this background and support, I can, in turn, support my colleagues in their respective fields as well as bring added value to our strategic development work.”

In addition to having had the possibility to develop with the work, Aro has also built upon his education at the same time. He has recently topped off his MSc degree in Electrical Engineering with an MBA degree in Leadership at Vaasa University.

Maintaining good relationships with different stakeholders, such as the universities, is crucial when developing innovative solutions on the quest towards carbon neutrality. A typical day for Aro can therefore include meetings with university research teams and other companies about the latest technologies, alongside internal coordination meetings regarding strategic actions as well as planning sessions on digital marketing activities in the Nordics.

Aro pinpoints the positive and open working atmosphere as an important reason why he personally enjoys working at VEO. Such an atmosphere gives everyone a chance to succeed and develop within their roles.

“Succeeding together, and sharing the joy of that success, is very important for maintaining wellbeing at work,” Aro explains. “If this work environment sounds appealing, I encourage both young and more experienced experts to join VEO in our journey towards a more sustainable future.”

VEO Jarkko Aro

Jarkko Aro, is confident that VEO is on the right track with its reliable energy solutions supporting the critical transition to carbon neutrality.