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Meet Jakob Lövdahl, VEO’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing

VEO’s newly appointed Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Jakob Lövdahl, sees VEO as a central actor in the Nordic energy transition. He is looking forward to strengthening VEO’s position in Finland and their presence in Sweden and Norway, and on a long-term basis, he is certain that VEO’s energy expertise will reach far outside the Nordics.

Considering he is born and raised in Vaasa, Finland, Jakob Lövdahl took a bit of a detour – both geographically and technically – before landing the Vaasa-based job in December 2022.

“I studied process engineering in Turku, Finland, and finalised my master’s degree at the Technical University of Denmark in Copenhagen. I did my thesis work for a chemical pulp mill in Norway and was offered a job there long before I graduated. At one point, VEO’s presence in Norway caught my eye, and I decided to apply for a job. We didn’t move back to Finland until 2021, so yes, my journey has been a bit unusual”, Lövdahl explains.

During his first decade at VEO, Lövdahl has had several responsibilities, including heading the sales of the power distribution and wind power segments in Norway and since 2021, leading VEO Group’s Industry business segments as Business Unit Director. Lövdahl is grateful for the years in Norway, as he feels they provided him with an important helicopter perspective of VEO’s operations, which allows for plenty of cross-border synergies.

“VEO has had many successful years within the wind segment in Finland and in the Nordics. During the last few years, we also managed to take huge leaps on the industry market in both Norway and Sweden, a segment which traditionally has been strong for VEO in Finland”, Lövdahl continues, pinpointing the importance of several business segments in several markets.

Looking forward, Lövdahl is confident that VEO can be a key player in the vital energy transition with their solutions and extensive product portfolio within for example energy storage and hybridisation. In combination with its robust project know-how, VEO enables its clients to move the society closer towards the ambitious renewable energy goals.

VEO is growing and with growth comes possibilities; VEO is constantly recruiting and has new partnerships in the pipeline.

“I am sure that the young people of today want to join this important journey. The most important assets we are looking for in new recruits are enthusiasm and drive. Look at me for example, I had no experience in electrical engineering when I joined VEO – but feel I have attained an additional degree during my time here”.

Family life and sports provide a healthy work-life balance for this father of two.

“I have already started introducing winter sports to my children, 2 and 4 years old, and with another baby on its way, there is no risk of running out of things to do”, Lövdahl concludes with a big smile.

Jakob Lövdahl VEO
“I’m grateful for the years at VEO in Norway, they provided me with an important helicopter perspective of VEO’s operations.”