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Construction of the largest substation in Finland’s grid begins

The project started by VEO and Fingrid in the autumn of 2020 has progressed according to plan, and the actual construction will be started in March 2021 with soil construction work.

The substation in Haapajärvi will be built in connection with a new and important electricity transmission line known as Metsälinja. Since the contracts were signed, the project has progressed well, and so far, preparatory construction works have been carried out on the site regarding the actual construction, which will begin soon.

“VEO’s delivery includes the entire substation excluding the main transformers. In such a large project, scheduling different actors’ work and agreeing on interfaces is the key to success. Because well-planned is known to be half-done, we at VEO have now focused on precise planning that still continues. Likewise, material purchases and subcontracting are underway,” says Antti Hiironniemi, Sales Manager of VEO.

The Pysäysperä substation will connect a significant amount of wind power to the national electricity grid and create a strong starting point for the development of the area’s distribution network and wind power. In the vicinity of the station, wind farms are being developed for thousands of megawatts. The project contributes to the construction of a carbon-neutral Finland.

“This is VEO’s first project with a voltage level of 400 kilovolts. Enthusiasm has been exuding from the entire project team right from the start, and our cooperation with Fingrid is running as smoothly as usual. We are currently moving according to plan and on schedule.”

The value of the VEO/Fingrid agreement is approximately 14.5 million euros, and the value of the entire investment package is just under 30 million euros. Construction work is scheduled to be completed in the autumn of 2022.

Veo Fingrid Substation