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Construction of Pysäysperä substation proceeds — 400 kV voltage connected

Finland’s transmission system operator Fingrid Oyj bult a new 400/110 kV substation in the Pysäysperä located in Haapajärvi, Finland. The aim of the construction project is to support wind power projects in the region and promote the green transition.

VEO acts as the main contractor for the Fingrid substation project.

– The Pysäysperä substation is made as a turnkey project by VEO. The delivery includes a 400 kV full duplex switchgear, as well as a 110 kV and 20 kV switchgear plants with primary and secondary systems. The scope also includes a control building, design, civil works, installations, testing and commissioning, Project Manager Pasi Rintala lists VEO’s extensive supply.

The project started in 2020 and has now proceeded to the energizing phase of the 400 kV switchgear and the 400/110 kV main transformer T1.

– I’m happy to say that the energizing has been going smoothly. Our Lead Commissioning Engineers Mika Mahla and Juha Rautarinta have done stone-hard commissioning work together with the site manager Juha-Pekka Kumpula, VEO’s Lead Engineer Juha-Matti Hännikäinen praises.

The project will continue with the energizing of the second main transformer in October. Altogether, the project will be completed by the end of the year.

The purpose of the new station is to support the operation of the grid by serving the planned wind power projects in the area (1000 MW of electric power), as well as promoting the green transition and the pumped power plant project (50-75 MW) in the vicinity. The total value of Fingrid’s investment is approximately EUR 28 million. At the start of the project, it was the largest station that Fingrid had built up to that point.

Pysäysperä VEO

VEO acts as the main contractor for the Fingrid substation project.

Pysäysperä VEO
Pysäysperä VEO