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Punctual E-House deliveries consolidated Ellevio’s trust in VEO

VEO has successfully connected Ellevio’s two latest wind farms in the north of Sweden to the national grid. In both the Bodmyran and Nordanberg turnkey projects, VEO utilised its own prefabricated E-House substation product, which was tailored according to the client’s needs. Thanks to the experiences and client feedback gathered from previous cooperation with Ellevio, every step in VEO’s delivery could be finished on schedule.

Bodmyran, with a total capacity of 372 MW, and Nordanberg with 74,4 MW, are both located in Ånge Municipality in Västernorrland County and are extending the wind farm belt in the north of Sweden. Since October 2022, when VEO energized the substations and handed over delivery to Ellevio, the new wind farms have brought a good addition to the total capacity of renewable energy in Sweden.

VEO’s scope in both projects consisted of planning, engineering and delivery of the modular substation building itself, as well as the civil work, commissioning and energizing of the substation on site. As normal, VEO’s prefabricated E-House substation buildings were fitted and internally wired in both cases with all the necessary electrical equipment, from transformers to switchgear, control and protection systems as well as monitoring systems.

Once the two projects were initiated at VEO, Bodmyran in November 2020 and Nordanberg in May 2021, work proceeded simultaneously in both projects. The situation required active open communication between VEO’s Project Managers, Anton Rönnblom for Nordanberg and Rune Höiem for Bodmyran, as well as towards the client.
“Ellevio expected a smooth and proven VEO concept for both deliveries, meaning that our solutions should fit both projects. Through transparency and open communication, we were able to meet Ellevio’s expectations and deliver everything on schedule, explains Rönnblom.

Karin Sundin, Project Manager at Ellevio has been very satisfied with VEO’s performance.

“We at Ellevio have been very pleased with how well VEO coordinated our projects. VEO was able to deliver everything on schedule, every step of the way”, says Sundin.

Continuing the successful cooperation, Ellevio and VEO have already signed a deal for a new wind farm project. This will be at the Dingelsundet wind farm in Karlstad, which will be extended with new wind turbines offshore on Lake Vänern. Also here, VEO’s E-bop experience and solutions will be used to connect the new turbines to the main grid.

VEO Ellevio

VEO utilised its own prefabricated E-House substation product, which was tailored according to the client’s needs.