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MEYER WERFT cruise liners

In 2016, VEO secured a large order from the German shipyard company MEYER WERFT. The largest deal of its kind in all of VEO’s history, the order involves the electrification of five cruise liners with an option for five more. Still ongoing, the project is estimated to be delivered in its totality by the end of 2021.

The scope of the project is clearly product focused with low voltage distribution at its core. Approximately 250 meters of electrical distribution equipment will be delivered per cruise liner, which makes it a large-scale, time conceiving project: the equipment is delivered in multiple batches followed by the actual construction. In addition to the equipment, included in the deal is a number of free-standing cabinets as well as electrical engineering and documentation for each ship.

The order from MEYER WERFT has taken VEO’s marine business to a whole new level. Half of the ships will be built at MEYER WERFT’s shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, while the other half will be built at the company’s Turku shipyard in Finland. Only the first of the five projects has, to this date, been delivered on VEO’s part, but the ship has not yet been finished. The second project is well underway, while the remaining three will be delivered in the coming years, however no later than 2021.

So far, VEO has delivered the first project according to schedule and everything has run smoothly. Previous to this, MEYER WERFT was a new customer to VEO, which means that adjustments have been made in accordance with customer specific needs. Overall, the project has run smoothly and according to plan.

VEO in charge of the electrification of five MEYER WERFT cruise liners