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VEO’s standard substation turned into an ideal industrial electrical housing solution

VEO’s standard substation concept for electricity distribution was extended in the beginning of 2020 to serve industrial needs even better. The requirement to develop an electrical housing unit, that could be delivered at short notice and withstand harsh conditions, arose from the demands of the Finnish mining industry. Now, the first electrical housing units have been delivered and commissioned, and VEO has already received a new order from the forest industry.

Since 2002, VEO has delivered its modular standard substations to energy and electricity distribution companies in the Nordic countries at a quickening pace. Nowadays, the demands for separate electrical housing units in industrial activities are increasing, as expanding factories often suffer from a lack of space to house equipment. VEO’s new electrical housing unit, which is based on the company’s standard substation concept, now solves the problem.

“We can deliver the electrical housing unit next to the production unit as well as inside or on top of the industrial hall, because the unit itself has a much lighter mass than more traditional concrete buildings for these purposes”, says Juha Tuisku, Sales Manager at VEO.

Time-saving commissioning

When an industrial factory is being expanded, the production should not be brought to a standstill just because the old electrical equipment is being taken out of use. This requirement was taken into consideration in VEO’s concept for its electrical equipment housing unit. The housing units are delivered fully electrified so that all functions from bus ducts, low-voltage switchgear and control circuits (as well as frequency converters and cooling systems if needed) are pre-assembled and tested at VEO’s factory. Also, a transformer can be fitted under the same roof by separating it from the electrical equipment with a wall-structure meeting the fire resistance ratings required.

“All that remains to be done at the customer’s site is to connect the main circuits. Any conversions needed can be made in connection to normal annual repairs. This means much shorter shutdowns, so the benefits are really remarkable. Our solution is also cost-effective as the number of working days on site decreases”, says Reijo Ylikojola, Project Manager at VEO.

Even the cable compartment under the building is made of movable concrete elements developed by VEO.

Mobile building for demanding conditions

As VEOs electrical housing units consist of individual modules, each being a couple of metres in length, solutions can be scaled to any need. In addition, the building can be moved to another location, because even the cable compartment under the building is made of movable concrete elements developed by VEO. Especially in the mining industry, the ability to move the power source is important as mining work advances.

“In a mine, also the external circumstances are demanding. Consequently, our steel-framed electrical housing units can be delivered to meet even the highest corrosion resistance class; C5. Only moderate changes were needed to create a housing unit that can meet even the toughest industrial requirements, and we are able to adapt the unit for each project as needed”, continues Juha Tuisku.

VEO expects that there will be an increasing demand for their standard electrical housing units in all fields of industry; not least, because the housing unit concept was developed after listening to the customers’ needs and meeting their demands.

More information:

Juha Tuisku, Sales Manager, VEO Oy, tel. +358 207 190 298,

“Only moderate changes were needed to create a housing unit that can meet even the toughest industrial requirements.”