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VEO refurbishes E.ON’s substation for wind power integration

E.ON, one of the Sweden’s largest energy companies, has chosen VEO as the EPC contractor for the refurbishing of its Lönhult substation. The existing substation, located in Jönköping county in the south of Sweden, will be upgraded, and a new substation building will be built next to it to connect wind power to the grid. The project reflects E.ON’s commitment to increase the share of renewable energy sources in the national grid.

When E.ON Energidistribution AB decided to refurbish one of its substations, the choise of EPC contractor fell on VEO. The two companies have cooperated on similar projects several years ago. Eric Gustafsson, Sales manager at VEO, comments the recent deal: 

“We are very happy to work with E.ON again. The fact that they chose us underscores our capability to provide robust and cost-efficient energy solutions. The design work at VEO is already well under way, and as per the contract we aim to complete our part of the project by the end of 2025.”

Comprehensive EPC project 

The project will involve tasks carried out both at VEO’s Västerås office in Sweden and in Vaasa, Finland. VEO’s scope of work includes everything from design and project management to installation and commissioning.

Central to the refurbishment will be VEO’s medium-voltage switchgear, VECTOR, manufactured at the factory in Vaasa. Other critical components include high-voltage breakers, protection and control systems, and the substation building itself, which will be constructed adjacent to the existing facility. VEO will also execute upgrades to the existing substation building, enhancing its capacity and efficiency. A team of VEO lead assemblers will manage the on-site work with subcontractors handling construction and civil works.

Promising prospects in Sweden 

Gustafsson sees great potential in growing VEO’s partnership with E.ON and extending VEO’s foothold in the Swedish energy market as a whole.

“VEO is well-equipped to assist in modernising the energy systems to support the increased integration of renewable energy sources needed to meet today’s rising energy demands.” 

VEO’s scope of work includes everything from design and project management to installation and commissioning.