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VEO and Vissi AS join forces to strengthen the grid in Northern Norway

VEO has recently  signed a deal with Norwegian Vissi AS for the Vinnelys substation project in Storslett, Norway. The collaboration underscores VEO’s dedication to tailored energy solutions and marks yet another step in growing VEO’s presence on the Norwegian energy market.

Set for completion in 2025, the 66 kV Vinnelys substation will replace the Nordreisa substation, commissioned in 1971. The new substation will significantly enhance energy supply security in Finnmark and North Troms.

Tailored excellence

Jonathan Malm
, Sales Manager at VEO, attributes the successful deal with new client Vissi AS to VEO’s ability to deliver client-centric solutions:

“Our dedication to understanding the client’s needs in the bidding phase have been key. We’re proud to be able to deliver precisely what Vissi AS envisioned.”

“VEO is known for their technical expertise and reliability in delivering high-quality energy solutions,” Elin Kaasen, Technical Manager at Vissi AS, comments the decision to collaborate with VEO. “Their ability to adapt to complex project requirements and their strong focus on innovation and sustainability align with Vissi’s vision of improving and modernising the energy infrastructure in our region.”

VEO’s turnkey delivery includes the 66 kV indoor substation, air-insulated (AIS) switchgear, control equipment, low-voltage switchgear and a reserve generator. The indoor substation is designed to occupy minimal space while providing maximum protection from the elements, a crucial feature in the challenging climates of Northern Norway.

Promising partnership


The project lays the foundation for ongoing collaboration between VEO and Vissi AS.

“The discussions we’ve had signal a bright future for our partnership, making the project not just a milestone for VEO in the Norwegian market but also a testament to our capacity for building lasting partnerships,” Malm notes.

“The collaboration  is strategically important for us at Vissi as it helps us meet the increasing demand for energy and support the growth of the local economy, while also contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply,” says Kaasen.

The deal, finalised in December 2023, will generate important employment opportunities in both Vaasa and Norway over the upcoming years, aligning with VEO’s objective to enhance its presence in Norway. With the design phase well underway, the project is right on track to meet its operational target in 2025.