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Remote access and advisory services

VEO’s remote access and advisory services are the fastest and most cost-effective way for our clients to get help in any unexpected maintenance and monitoring need, regardless of the plant’s geographical location. Through a secure connection, our experts can access your plant’s electrification and automation system to run fault detection and diagnostics software or to download data for analysis, monitoring, and alterations/adjustments.

As our client, you can choose to use our service either by paying a monthly fee for both the service and the remote access equipment or, if possible, use your plant’s existing remote access. We can also take care of any required hotfixes, such as system updates, version updates as well as control station information security updates.

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Our safe remote service is secured by advanced added features:

  • trusted and encrypted conduits using IPSEC and SSL VPN protocols
  • client VPN sign-in-process using strong authentication
  • modern firewalls
  • SSL VPN Portal using strong authentication
  • detection capabilities: rich syslog data produced by NGFW-firewalls is processed with a machine learning anomaly detection engine

To ensure a high and continuous security level at your plant, we also test the functionality of the remote access at regular intervals and keep the equipment up to date.

Our experts can access your plant’s electrification and automation system remotely, through a secure connection.