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Lifecycle services

Every plant is exposed to both expected and unexpected maintenance needs from the very beginning of operations. This means that reliable support is needed throughout the lifecycle of any plant. VEO’s lifecycle services ensure the highest level of uninterrupted operations and the best possible productivity for your plant.

VEO offers a complete range of lifecycle services: from making a condition assessment to mapping, researching and analysing electrification, instrumentation and automation (EIA) systems. Our services are always flexibly tailored and scaled according to the client’s needs.

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Thanks to VEO’s independence as a system integrator, we have the possibility to utilise products and services of any brand to offer you the most technically suitable and cost-effective solution.

Some examples of our services:

  • Condition testing of the automation and ethernet bus system with an analyser
  • Thermal imaging of the electrical equipment and other instrumentation, e.g. automation centres and server centres
  • Services of a qualified condition assessor in terms of electrical equipment
  • Condition assessment of EIA systems
  • Lifecycle analysis of EIA systems
  • Lifecycle and availability analysis of spare parts

We offer a complete range of lifecycle services from making a condition assessment to mapping, researching and analysing EIA systems.