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Stora Enso

VEO changed the medium voltage switchgear cubicles for Stora Enso’s Veitsiluoto factory. Stora Enso is a leading provider of renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wood and paper. VEO and Stora Enso have cooperated for many years.

In 50 hours, VEO changed seven medium voltage switchgear cubicles for the Veitsiluoto factory while it also dealt with a parallel renewal project in 10 hours at the same plant. VEO completed the whole project from planning to installations and commissioning. The project demanded careful preparation and project management skills so that the electricity could be switched on again after 50 hours. We prepared and tested appliances as far as possible at our factory – so that work at site could be fluent and swift. For the client, output interruption was as short as it could possibly be, and the production was not turned off for more than 50 hours. This project really proved our ability to work fast in critical situations!

”We chose VEO to deliver this project because of their motivated attitude and the good experiences we had from former cooperations.”

Our cooperation with Stora Enso also continues after the Veitsiluoto project. The customer is satisfied with the project. ”The preliminary preparations were very significant for this project. Everything was thought through and under control. VEO kept to the timetable and was even ahead of schedule”, tells MIKA PESONEN, project engineer at Stora Enso.

VEO changed switchgear cubicles for Stora Enso in record-breaking time.