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Multi-purpose vessel

The vessel is equipped with diesel electric machinery with an electric propulsion consisting of two converter controlled electric motors, each driving an azimuthing propulsion unit. The main diesel generators can be driven by marine diesel oils and liquid biofuels (LBF).

This is the first cargo ship of its size, which is able to use 100% bio-oil. The raw material for the biofuel comes from industry side streams, and therefore is not competing with food production.

In the foreship, two electrically driven thruster units are mounted to provide safe maneuvering in all conditions. The dynamic positioning system (DP) and the azimuthing thruster propulsion provide safe transportation of all types of cargos. The vessel is also capable of taking part in oil spill response activities.

Main LV distribution & Propulsion drives delivered by VEO.

Scope of delivery

Main switchboards PS1,MS1,ES1

  • 690V-400V 50Hz
  • VEDA5000 Marine acc. BV
  • Fixed and plug-in type fuseless feeders
  • Withdrawable starters
  • I/O interface to the PMS & IAS

Distribution boards

  • Power boards, lighting boards etc.

Main propulsion drives  2 x 1300 kW

  • 6-p LC-drives 2xVACON NXP17006 + HXM-120
  • VEO PDCU I/O interface to the propulsion control & PPMS & IAS
  • Propulsion motors, liquid cooled
  • Harmonics filtering: passive THD filters

Bow thruster starters  2 x 450 kW

  • Soft-starter type
  • Motors, air cooled

Main generators 3 x 1500 kVA

  • Liquid cooled

Distribution transformers 2 x 400 kVA

Scope of delivery also included selectivity study, documentation and co-ordination of electrical network.
Commissioning, FAT, HAT and SAT were performed by VEO.

The multifunctional vessel is an ice classed open deck carrier intended for transporting demanding project cargo, such as offshore wind farm structures as well as containers and bulk cargo, including energy wood, in the Baltic Sea region. Main LV distribution & Propulsion drives delivered by VEO.