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VEO’s and Arcteq’s innovation as part of VAMK’s electrical engineering programme

In 2016, Vaasa-based companies VEO and Arcteq launched the innovative Generator Commander onto the market. This remarkable piece of hardware combines all the measurement and control functions needed by an engine or generator into one compact device. Until now, several devices were needed for process control. The Generator Commander saves up to 86% in space and around 50% in testing time.

In an atmosphere of continuous development, new talent and innovation, like the Generator Commander, are created.

”The Generator Commander consists of equipment and software functions that will provide the optimal solution for every need. This has been almost impossible to achieve until now,” explains VEO’s Sales Manager Hannu Erkkilä.

This remarkable product can now also be found at the Technobothnia Research Centre as part of the electrical engineering programme provided by Vaasa University of Applied Sciences – VAMK.

”At Technobothnia, we work hard to ensure that the equipment we use is always the best in the world and preferably local. That’s why we are grateful for the new product we have received. The Generator Commander will provide Vaasa with the world’s most advanced electrical engineering education that is unavailable anywhere else,” says Mikko Västi, VAMK’s electrical engineering lecturer.

At the same time, the cooperation between the two companies and the university of applied sciences is strengthening.

”Through closer collaboration, we can utilise the expertise of VEO and Arcteq in planning our education, which will enable us to deliver more engaging student projects and ensure that the education meets the needs of working life, as universities of applied sciences are required to do,” Västi continues.

The cooperation between the university of applied sciences and local companies provides students with direct access to working life and the opportunity to become part of a much-needed professional workforce catering to a global demand.

”It’s a great honour to have our product, designed together with Arcteq, as part of VAMK’s education. Competition for a skilled workforce is constantly increasing, so close cooperation is a great advantage for us also in terms of recruitment. When students learn the basics of our products already at school, we can spend less of our time with job orientation,” Erkkilä points out.

”We have been involved in developing and supporting Technobothnia for a long time already. This collaboration is important for all parties, and that’s why we are proud to be involved in building this new education, which is soon to be launched. Thanks to our investment, we expect to find and employ even more skilled engineers to support our growth in the international market,” continues Arcteq Sales and Marketing Manager Robert Olander.

Cooperation between educational institutions and local companies enables the continuous development of the energy technology hub in Vaasa and thus the wellbeing and attractiveness of the entire Vaasa region.

”Without cooperation, there would be no hub. In an atmosphere of continuous development, new talent and innovation are created – which is also how the Generator Commander saw the light of day,” Erkkilä sums up.

More information:

Hannu Erkkilä

Sales Manager Excitation, Hydro Power Plants
+358 207 190 613

Robert Olander

Sales & Marketing Manager
+358 (0)40 743 4647

Mikko Västi

Lecturer, Electrical engineering
+358 20 766 3327


”We provide an education that isn’t available anywhere else but Vaasa”