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VEO seals its first solar energy deal at pioneering plant in Rauma

Continuing its investment in renewable energy, developer CPC Finland is building an industrial-scale solar plant in Lakari, Rauma. VEO is to deliver a substation and provide the grid connection for the plant, continuing a fruitful renewable energy cooperation with CPC Finland. 

The 32-MW Lakari solar plant is the first of its size in Finland and will have an annual output of approximately 32 GWh, which equals the electric heating of 1500-1600 single-family houses. The plant will start its operations already in April 2024, signifying a very concrete step forward in Finnish solar energy production.

As an experienced actor in wind energy, CPC Finland has previously cooperated with VEO on grid connections for wind farms. Now the collaboration continues in another renewable energy segment:

“Having just finished a wind project with VEO, we know that we can trust VEO to professionally deliver in time and on budget. We prefer working without too much bureaucracy, and we know that when something happens at site, VEO is flexible and ready to find the best solution. Working with a local partner also makes things easier”, notes Erik Trast, Managing Director of CPC Finland.

At Lakari solar plant, VEO takes on full EPC responsibility of the 110/20-kV substation as well as the civil engineering. The delivered substation is of VEO’s modular concept, which has a proven track record in various wind farms in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Its modularity offers clients a flexible solution that enables cost-efficient grid connections for renewable energy projects as well as hydrogen plants and data centres.

“Our modular substation concept is versatile and can be used for many different applications. We are very proud to provide it to CPC Finland’s new solar plant in Rauma. This continued collaboration is a testament to our ability to deliver solutions for renewable energy projects and it is a vote of confidence from our client”, says Juha-Petteri Lesonen, Sales Manager at VEO.

With the solar deal in Rauma, VEO is continuing on its path to provide reliable energy solutions for a brighter tomorrow:

“We’re excited about our first industrial-scale solar power grid connection, expanding our portfolio to new renewable energy forms. This aligns well with VEO’s strategy and meets the increasing demand for solar power, even in the Nordics, and enables the transition towards sustainable energy”, says Jakob Lövdahl, VEO’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

For more information: 

Juha-Petteri Lesonen
Sales Manager, VEO
+358 43 8245 913

The plant will start its operations already in April 2024, signifying a very concrete step forward in Finnish solar energy production.