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VEO riding on the wave of hybridisation

The marine industry is one of the trailblazers of hybridisation. Consequently, the shipping company Wasaline’s new ferry, M/S Aurora Botnia, which is packed with the latest hybrid technology, has just been awarded the title of Ropax Ferry of the Year. The world’s most environmentally friendly ferry can run on both LNG and BioLNG, and its cutting-edge solutions have required huge leaps in hybrid technology from all the contactors involved, including VEO. In fact, VEO’s hybrid switchboards inside the ferry form a vital part of the ferry’s hybridisation solution. VEO has already started to implement its latest hybridisation know-how more widely.

Hybridisation is a global megatrend, touching all fields of industry, especially the marine industry and transportation. This development is driven by economic savings, improved efficiency and a decrease of emissions. Jouni Maijala, Sales Manager at VEO has witnessed the increasing demand of hybrid solutions when working with VEO’s clients within the marine industry. In addition to new productions, such as M/S Aurora Botnia, there are an increasing number of retrofit projects, where an older vessel is modernised to enable more sustainable power-source solutions.

“New power sources and technologies are constantly being developed, and VEO is certainly at the forefront of this progress through our client projects. Now we are providing new benefits for all our clients, particularly in the fields of power distribution and power generation, by applying and implementing the solutions we designed for marine purposes and the cutting-edge know-how gained in the process”, says Jouni Maijala with satisfaction.

“We are able to offer our clients a shorter payback time for their investment as well as a saving potential in their future modernisation and retrofit projects by combining the benefits of our strong know-how in power generation and distribution as well as our own products and automation solutions to hybridisation”, confirms Visa Yliluoma, Executive Vice President at VEO.

Unique hybridisation know-how

M/S Aurora Botnia is the first of its kind in the world and widely followed by many. The original design of VEO’s hybrid switchboard solution for M/S Aurora Botnia went through a demanding approval procedure.
“The ordering party, the customer and an independent company providing marine certificates have all confirmed that our hybrid switchboard solution meets all the necessary requirements”, says Maijala.

VEO worked in close cooperation with other Finnish partners to ensure that VEO’s hybrid switchboards could successfully integrate all the systems into one exceptionally functional ferry.

“VEO’s biggest strength is our ability to carry out unique projects while being a flexible and innovative partner to our clients.  The fact that we have contributed to something that is called the world’s most environmentally friendly ferry shows that we have the best know-how in our field”, says Maijala.


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Jouni Maijala, Sales Manager, VEO Marine,, + 358 50 568 9960

Technology and innovations on M/S Aurora Botnia


VEO Aurora Botnia

VEO’s hybrid switchboards inside the ferry form a vital part of the ferry’s hybridisation solution.