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VEO ranks high in occupational safety

For the fifth year in row, VEO has been granted the Level 1 rank in the Zero Accidents Forum’s annual safety level classification. Level 1 is only granted companies that reach the goal of zero accidents during a year.

Safety has always been a key priority at VEO, and the long-term work keeps paying off. Level 1 ranked companies are classified as being “at the world’s forefront” and this year, 33 out of the 87 workplaces that received a safety level classification were able to reach the top level.

”This figure is higher than ever before,” says Anna Melleri, who chairs the steering group for the Zero Accident Forum. “We have been glad to see that workplaces have been able to continue their safety work despite the pandemic. Companies have also developed new ways of organising safety training and shared risk assessments. Many of these new practices will most likely remain a permanent part of safety work.”

According to the Zero Accidents Forum report, the key to positive safety development is that everyone at the workplace commits to the shared goal.

“During the pandemic, VEO has kept taking all the necessary precautions, and beyond, to keep our personnel and customers safe. National and international restrictions have constantly changed, but our employees have kept adapting to keep themselves and each other safe. Pulling in the same direction has been more important than ever”, says Kim Råholm, Development and HSEQ Director at VEO.

The Zero Accident Forum, which has been in operation since 2003, is a Finnish network which aims at continuously developing occupational safety and well-being at work. It currently consists of more than 450 workplaces. The classification depends on the accident frequency of the workplace and the severity of the accidents. Other criteria include precise investigation of occupational accidents and reporting of incidents.

VEO Occupational safety

Safety has always been a key priority at VEO.