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VEO partners with Steinmüller Babcock in construction of Vantaa Waste to Energy plant

For Vantaa Energy, the expansion of the existing waste-to-energy (W2E) plant in Vantaa is a significant leap towards fossil-free energy production. At the same time, the project continues VEO’s and Vantaa Energy’s long-term cooperation in power plant electrification. In 2015, VEO delivered electrification to the existing W2E-plant in Vantaa, and now VEO is working as an electrification partner in the plant’s expansion project. New cooperation with Steinmüller Babcock Environment GmbH opens up interesting opportunities.

When Vantaa Energy’s new plant is handed over in Q4, 2022, it will have a fuel capacity of 80 MWth, enabling utilisation of waste-to-energy from commerce and industry on an increasingly higher scale. Although much remains to be done, VEO has already started the commissioning of its part of the deal, which was made with the project’s boiler plant constructor, Steinmüller Babcock Environment GmbH. VEO’s delivery in the Vantaa W2E-plant covers a wide range of electrification engineering, e.g. low-voltage switchgear, bus duct systems, drives, UPS and DC systems as well as small distribution boards.

Promising cooperation with a new partner

This is the first time VEO is cooperating with its new partner, Steinmüller Babcock Environment GmbH, a German company known worldwide for its expertise in fuel flexible waste-to-energy technology. This goes well together with VEO’s aim to help its clients in the transition towards more sustainable energy sources.

“Besides engineering, VEO’s delivery includes project planning, project management, installation, commissioning and end-customer training. Our ability to work on a broad front in electrical design, combined with our previous experience from W2E plants, has helped us to stand out and introduced us to a new promising client in Steinmüller Babcock. We look forward to seeing what future opportunities the cooperation in Vantaa may result in”, says Juha Tuisku, Sales Manager at VEO, Industry.

Three deliveries to the same project

In addition to the deal made with Steinmüller Babcock, VEO have also agreed on two smaller scale deliveries to the same W2E plant: one with an equipment supplier and another directly with Vantaa Energy.
“This whole project with Vantaan Energy as the end-client is a great way to continue our deliveries both directly and through new promising partnerships that may bring in interesting opportunities in the future”.

More Information:

Juha Tuisku, Sales Manager, Industry, VEO,, tel. +358 207 190 298

Marcin Jopek (on the left) from Steinmüller Babcock Environment cooperating with Jonas Asplund and Björn Wiik from VEO at Vantaa Energy’s new W2E plant.

VEO Vantaa Energy cooperation

The project continues VEO’s and Vantaa Energy’s long-term cooperation in power plant electrification.