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VEO and Kemijoki Oy’s cooperation continues with a substantial hydro project

VEO has signed a deal with the energy company Kemijoki Oy on the refurbishment of the electrification and automation systems at the Kurkiaska Hydropower Plant in Finnish Lapland. Preceded by Vajukoski in 2019 and Porttipahta in 2020, Kurkiaska will be the third cooperation project between VEO and Kemijoki Oy along the River Kitinen.

With its output of 27MW, Kurkiaska is one of Kemijoki Oy’s 20 hydropower plants, which generate one third of all hydropower in Finland. Although the plant itself operates on only one turbine, the engineering and solutions required for the refurbishment will be of the same scale as for any larger hydro project. This means that VEO will be able put their engineering solutions, based on 30 years of experience from hydro power projects, in good use.

At Kurkiaska, VEO’s scope of delivery includes a 10 kV generator switchgear, and a total renewal of the turbine control system and the plant’s common control system automation. ”More specifically, the newly modernised Kurkiaska will have VEO’s redesigned digital turbine governor as well as static excitation system, remote control system and water lever control system delivered by VEO. Also grid calculations, the Fingrid VJV2018-compliance process and the electrical protection systems for the plant are included,” says Sales Manager Juha Mäki at VEO.

VEO will also take care of all decommissioning and electrical installation works on the site as well as precommissioning and commissioning of the delivery.

The ongoing engineering phase will continue at VEO until spring 2022 and work on the site is planned to begin in June 2022. According to the time schedule, the new systems will be commissioned in October 2022.

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Juha Mäki, Sales Manager, VEO,, +358 400 477 930