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Flower puts its trust in VEO at one of Sweden’s largest BESS projects

In Kungälv, outside Gothenburg, VEO has been trusted by Flower Infrastructure Technologies with an EPC contract for a battery energy storage system (BESS) project. Currently, the 15-MW battery storage plant is expected to be one of the largest BESS projects in Sweden.

Flower Infrastructure Technologies, a Stockholm-based tech-startup that supports the Nordic energy transition with flexible power, is a leader in the Swedish BESS market, where it operates around 80% of all BESS projects. Flower’s new battery plant in Kungälv is the company’s first in-house BESS project that is fully developed and owned by Flower.

With its three 5-MW battery subsystems, the Kungälv plant will be used to handle grid imbalances, both short-notice frequency disturbances as well as long-term imbalances that are caused by the increased integration of renewable energy sources into the grid. Thanks to Flower’s own unique optimisation algorithm, the operation of the Kungälv plant will be able to support the power system on multiple levels depending on the needs of the system at any given moment.

Yet another grid-scale BESS delivery for VEO


Flower has trusted VEO with an EPC contract that entails a full system integration of the remotely controlled Kungälv plant, including all electrical installations, automation, and civil works at the green field site. VEO’s scope at Kungälv also includes products from VEO’s factory, such as a modular E-house substation, a protection and control system, and medium- and low-voltage switchgear.

VEO’s knowhow and products have previously been used in many energy storage projects, and the Kungälv battery storage plant is yet another grid-scale BESS delivery for VEO:

“Flower is a new customer for us, and we are very happy to be trusted with this project. BESS projects are a hot topic in Sweden right now, and I believe we will see more of them also in Finland and other European countries in the coming next years”, says Jonathan Malm, VEO’s Sales Manager in Sweden & Norway.

Experience and flexibility make VEO a great collaboration partner


Engineering and civil works at the Kungälv plant are now in full swing and the project is scheduled to be ready in late spring/early summer 2024. The project’s modular E-house substation, as well as all other VEO products, are assembled at VEO’s factory in Vaasa. This enables short delivery times, high quality control and lower site costs. These were only some of the reasons Flower chose to collaborate with VEO:

“VEO’s experience and network in the Nordic market gave us the confidence to entrust them with this project. Given that this is our first in-house BESS project, we needed to work with people with experience and a focus on quality and safety. VEO’s team also has the will to work together and learn together. Additionally, VEO offer was the most competitive we received, both in terms of scope, cost, and delivery times. Finally, it was also important for us that VEO’s E-house substation provides the flexibility needed to deliver within the tight timeframes of the project. It gives us the flexibility to navigate potential schedule bottlenecks”, says Maricruz Bravo, Head of EPC at Flower. Regarding Flower and VEO’s collaboration she adds:

“So far, it has been great. I don’t have any complaints; it’s been a good collaboration with excellent people in the team. I look forward to working on other projects with VEO.”

VEO’s knowhow and products have previously been used in many energy storage projects, and the Kungälv battery storage plant is yet another grid-scale BESS delivery for VEO.