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VEMA static and brushless excitation

VEMA static and brushless excitation are solutions designed by VEO and are based on traditional PLCs (Siemens S7). With experience gained from more than 4000 MW of excited power and over 400 excitation and protection projects, we have the expertise to tailor a unique static solution (from 50A DC) or a brushless solution (up to 50A DC) for even the most demanding industrial motors and generators.

Fine-tuned by our experts, VEO’s excitation solutions ensure a smooth and stabile power supply for our clients’ operations and sustain synchronism within the machine. When there is a need to renew a static or brushless excitation system, our clients can nowadays, in almost all cases, choose between a VEMA-excitation solution and VEO’s cost-effective innovation that combines all excitation, protection and control functions into one compact device.

VEMA static and brushless excitation solutions are tailored solutions based on traditional PLCs.