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Motor Commander

Motor Commander is VEO’s revolutionary solution for the protection and excitation of large industrial motors. The Commander device allows your plant’s large synchronous motors to run accurately and safely, while simultaneously providing a quick and cost-efficient way to renew a plant’s motor protection: instead of multiple units that take up space and require time in terms of engineering and installation, Motor Commander has all the essential functions combined in one compact high-quality device. Since 2017, an increasing number of VEO’s industrial clients have trusted Motor Commander to protect their industrial motors from harm.

The standard functions in Motor Commander are excitation, different control and start-up sequences (direct, transformer and reactor start-up), protection, differential protection, and PMU. Only one software system is needed to operate the device and its many features, such as a setting tool, logic editor, disturbance recorder and reading panel.

Motor Commander is a revolutionary solution for protection and excitation of large industrial motors.