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Generator Commander

Generator Commander is VEO’s innovation for the protection and control of synchronous generators. By combining all control, protection, synchronisation, and excitation functions in one small-sized device, we are now able to provide our clients with a time and space-saving solution which only requires one software system and one interface. Generator Commander guarantees fast, accurate and reliable protection for your power plant’s generator stator and rotor. Generator Commander also complies with the strictest grid codes thanks to its state-of-the-art control functions.

The standard features of VEO’s Generator Commander are excitation, machine protection, differential protection, synchronisation, synchrocheck, and PMU. With its optional features, such as genuine dual-channel functionality and a PSS 2C compensator with internal testing ability, Generator Commander is an efficient solution available to all generator sizes from small 1 MVA-class generators to 300-MVA generators.

Generator Commander is VEO’s innovation for the protection, control, and excitation of synchronous generators.