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Energy storages

As part of our mission to speed up the energy transition, we offer electrification and automation solutions for energy storage integration. Our solutions are suitable for a variety of business segments and applications including, but not limited to: 

  • Grid stabilisation by utilising excess energy from wind, solar and hydro power plants 
  • Transmission grid frequency reserves and peak shaving solutions 
  • Multi-use hybrid solutions for all industries 
  • Marine hybrid applications 

We offer full turnkey EPC solutions starting from feasibility studies to the final execution of the project. Thanks to our flexible integration and delivery model, the delivery can include supplier-free storage containers. We tailor the best solution for your needs.    

We have the required expertise for energy storage integration, a prerequisite to gaining the full benefits of your energy storage investment. 

VEO Jouni Rintamäki

Jouni Rintamäki

Sales Manager
VEO Jakob Lövdahl

Jakob Lövdahl

Vice President

Energy storage solutions