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Modular substations

With over 30 years of experience in delivering substations, VEO is your EPC supplier for substations suitable for power plants, transmission, and distribution as well as industrial applications where high or medium-voltage grid connection or distribution of up to 420 kV is needed.

To maximise quality and safety levels and minimise your time and costs, we have developed a modular substation concept consisting of predesigned, proven solutions adapted to your needs.

The modular concept covers everything from the prefabricated and fitted substation building (VEO E-House), civil works at the site to commissioning and grid connection according to all relevant standards. The site work includes concrete foundations for apparatuses, portals, transformers, foundation for the control and medium-voltage building, as well as pre-engineered steel structures for the outdoor switchgear.

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The key component in the concept is the VEO E-House, a modular substation building. VEO E-House modules are prefabricated, fitted, and internally wired with the needed substation equipment such as AC/DC systems, control, protection and communication equipment and medium-voltage switchgears. The fitted modules are tested in controlled conditions at VEO’s factory. When shipped off to site, the substation building contains everything from medium-voltage switchgear to control and communication equipment, fire and burglar systems as well as lighting and heating. In addition, the VEO E-house can be equipped with optional features such as charging stations for electric vehicles, solar roofs or alternative colours and materials for exterior wall coating.

While the VEO E-House modules are prefabricated, preinstalled, and tested at the factory, civil works and mechanical installations of outdoor components can be conducted at site at the same time. As progress is made simultaneously at the factory and at the site, the overall time at site and overlapping work phases are minimised. This is a key factor in keeping personal safety at excellent levels as working time in close proximity to machinery and live equipment is reduced.

VEO’s substations can be delivered with air-insulated or gas-insulated switchgear technology or a combination of both. Our projects are managed by our experienced project management team, and our inhouse engineering team is responsible for the mechanical and electrical engineering as well as the testing and commissioning of the substations.

The VEO E-House is dimensioned to house control, protection and communication equipment and switchgears up to 45kV, according to client configurations and needs. The lifespan of the building is approximately 50 years.

Our modular substations ensure premium quality, excellent safety, swift project execution and reduced costs.

Juha-Petteri Lesonen

Sales Manager