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Unleashing the full potential of your hydropower plant.

Improved reserve power characteristics


Rapid responses to grid malfunctions


VEO’s hybrid turbine governor, the VEO-eHPG, is a pioneering innovation merging hydropower with energy storage technology.

By genuinely integrating energy-storage solutions with the frequency reserve regulation of hydropower turbines, the VEO-eHPG allows for enhanced grid frequency support and significantly prolongs the turbine’s service life.


The VEO-eHPG’s dynamic regulation optimises and minimises the need for mechanical regulation of the hydropower turbine, resulting in reduced wear and maintenance costs.​



“VEO has been a very active contributor in developing the new technical requirements and their expertise on hydropower has been very valuable to us. New solutions such as the hybrid turbine governor are essential in ensuring a stable electricity system as the power system goes through the largest transition so far.”


“By combining the strengths of hydropower and energy storage systems utilising VEO’s solution, we aim to ensure that our role as a key source of low-emission and renewable balancing power is maintained and strengthened”


“An energy storage system utilising VEO’s hybrid turbine governor enhances the adjustability of the power plant and reduces wear and tear on the machinery.”

Mikko Kuivaniemi

Head of Power System Reserves at Fingrid

Sakke Rantala

COO at Kemijoki Oy

Aleksi Sarajärvi

Project Manager at Kemijoki Oy

We offer all the necessary electrification and automation solutions for new hydropower plants and modernisation projects

Our strengths in hydropower are:

  • We can use products of any brand and combine them with our customised solutions
  • We always strive for smoothness, cost-efficiency, and sustainability
  • We have the expertise in creating new innovations
  • We have our own extensive product range and factory in Finland
  • We have the capability to take on full EPCM responsibility
  • We offer services spanning the entire lifecycle of the plant
  • We have over 35 years of experience and more than 300 delivered hydropower projects