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Data centres

VEO’s electrification solutions meet the strict requirements of data centres, where operational reliability, data security and quality are vital.

With extensive experience in the field of electrification and automation, we can take full EPC responsibility of the electrification of any sized data centre, both as brown field and green field projects. As a true system integrator, we build the scope of supply to perfectly fit your project. We find the best mix of equipment and services to offer you the most technically sound and cost-efficient solution, as well as manage the coordination with all stakeholders concerned.

Our turnkey deliveries typically include everything from high-voltage network connections to low-voltage auxiliary electrical equipment. The scope often includes a wide range of our own products, such as medium and low-voltage switchgear and bus duct systems.

We supply reliable electrification solutions for your data centre.

VEO Jakob Lövdahl

Jakob Lövdahl

Vice President

Data centre solutions