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Medium-voltage bus duct

VEO’s medium-voltage bus duct is the perfect and cost-effective way to connect two rows of VEO’s air insulated Vector switchgear and control gear. Our medium-voltage bus duct is fully Vector-compatible and tested by IPH to fulfill all the latest IEC standards and provide the highest level of personal safety. With the Vector-compatible medium-voltage bus duct, you save space since there is no need to acquire additional bays to connect cables under the floor. The bus duct modules are available in standard lengths as well as tailored according to our clients’ specific needs.

The Vector-compatible medium-voltage bus duct by VEO is an innovative solution developed for power distribution and industrial needs in new installations as well as in modernisation projects. It has a rated voltage of 12 kV and 24 kV up to a short circuit current rating of 40 kA.


Module length: Max 800 mm

Nominal current: 2000 A

Nominal voltage: 12 kV, 24 kV

Short-circuit withstand: 40 kA 3 s, 25 kA 3 s

Internal arc withstand: 40 kA 1 s


VEO Vector

Our Vector-compatible medium-voltage bus duct is a cost-effective and space-saving solution.