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Cyber security

Cyberattacks are becoming more and more common in the energy sector, causing risks in our critical infrastructures. As both old and new equipment becomes connected to the Internet of Things, VEO’s clients need to cyber-secure their automation solutions.

VEO’s automation systems are designed with cyber security in mind. We have developed a cyber-secure-by-design concept, building on a Defence in Depth approach. We are also familiar with implementing IEC-62443 standards in our deliveries.

VEO has unique knowledge in the intersection of automation and IT. We map out clients’ cyber security levels, report deficiencies and offer services for updating outdated equipment. We also train our clients in cyber security and provide cyber security support for procurement. By offering our clients these services we hope to be part of creating cyber-secure infrastructures in our markets.

VEO maps out client’s cyber security levels, reports deficiencies and offers services for updating outdated equipment.

VEO Mats Warg

Mats Warg

Director, Automation