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Our story is quite similar to that of athletes – we challenge ourselves day to day to achieve better results. We want to give something back in return for all that we have accomplished through our successful history. We want to be part of creating more success stories, and through sponsorships, we want to help potential talents in reaching their goals.

We sponsor high-level local sports clubs and athletes. They are all dedicated and determined, and we believe in their potential. VEO also supports leisure time activities of its own personnel and their children, as well as clients, students and societies and organisations that work for the public good or charities.

We sign sponsorship agreements on an annual basis. The application periods are 1 February – 15 March and 1 August – 15 September.


If you and your team are passionate about what you do and would like to sign a sponsorship with us, fill in the application. We handle applications during the next month following the application period in question. Please note that filling in the application doesn’t guarantee sponsorship.


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Mathias Skytte
Head of Marketing and Communication
+358 503 490 406

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Aleksi Peltola

Country Manager Sweden / Head of Projects Sweden

Ari Pätsi

Director, Engineering

Håkon Stamnes

Managing Director, Norway

Jakob Lövdahl

Vice President, Sales and Marketing
VEO Janne Saarenpää

Janne Saarenpää

Product Manager
VEO Jouni Rintamäki

Jouni Rintamäki

Sales Manager

Juha-Petteri Lesonen

Sales Manager
VEO Kim Råholm

Kim Råholm

Development and HSEQ Director
VEO Mats Warg

Mats Warg

Director, Automation
Pekka Helimo VEO

Pekka Helimo

Director, Projects
VEO Seppo Perätalo

Seppo Perätalo

Key Account Manager
VEO Tim McNeilly

Tim McNeilly

Managing Director, UK
Veo Tom Karppinen

Tom Karppinen

Director, Strategic Sourcing and Project Purchasing
VEO Visa Yliluoma

Visa Yliluoma

Production Director